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Baby William knew I was coming. He decided that he wasn’t going to take his usual morning nap and stayed up to greet me, and that was okay :) He was definitely aware that something different was going to happen that day and had that curious look on his cute little face.

I was able to capture Nick and Erin as they to put him to sleep, while Jackson watched passer-byers at his usual spot, minding his own business. As soon as William fell asleep, I bugged him with little poses and the sound of the shutter. I knew he was itching to hit the hay without any more interruptions and was finally able to sleep soundly as soon as I packed my bags.

William, thank you for being such a good sport! Erin and Nick, thank you for welcoming me into your home and for allowing me to capture your new family. All the best with your bundle of joy!

There are those couples you look at and right away and know that their love was made to last a lifetime. There aren’t too many of them, but when you see, you just know – sometimes even feel. Ralph and Rica are one of those couples and here they are celebrating 10 years of simple love and devotion to one another in Varadero, surrounded by those closest to their hearts.

These two. They choose to be kind to one other everyday. To love one another unconditionally and to always remember to bask in the sun.

He has made everything beautiful in His time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

Jenelle + Mark. These two and their hearts of gold shine brightest when they’re together. Jenelle found the man who makes her laugh and smile from ear to ear. Mark was a man who instantly knew how special Jenelle was.

As friends of Jenelle and Mark, we knew that their celebration of love was going to be built out of more than just the physical aspects of a wedding day. Their day was truly a day that was made <em>for</em> them, <em>in His time</em>. A day that was in their plan before <em>they</em> even found each other. This day was built on a relationship that displays years of patience, sacrifice, and love for one another. But it also wasn’t just built around what they had created together through the years. Gratefulness and love was poured out and made known to everyone whom they hold near and dear to them. The respect they have for one another and extend to everyone around them was what made this day what it was.

The details – big, small, and all the colours of the rainbow – were meticulously planned and designed by the bride herself. We knew this celebration would be no where near your ordinary wedding. The Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto was the perfect blank canvas for Jenelle the creative artist, and all the people who helped put every little piece of this wedding together.